The UPN v0.6 Tentacle Edition

The UPN is really a game in constant development in which you control the sexual deeds of Crania the Goddess of Death, you can observe her into a large variety of sexual positions with nasty underworld animals. You might even change her appearance, you can change her hairstyle, eye shade, provide her earrings, piercings and much more. This is a diminutive area of the game, the total game includes more levels, introduces along with an additional damsel. Also you can list her sexual sessions and use the vids to earn money to purchase fresh things for her like accessories and sexual toys. You can download the total game for free-for-all at It's possible to socialize with different"Pose Zones" represented by the purple markers in the ground, each pose zone contains different poses and sexual cartoons for Crania to use. -Controls- WASD: Proceed E: Interact / Enter pose zone Q : Exit Pose zone -Camera Controls- WASD camera Wheel: Zoom Right click Scroll wheel camera Right click: contro camera while ambling This game will be in constant development, so new content, poses and characteristics are constantly on the way, should you want to support your project please consider encouraging me to patreon. By supporting me you get access to off the hook material for your own games, and if you become a $five patron you have to play the latest version before everybody else.

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