Blackjack with Janice

Meet Janice! This tropical hottie likes to play card games like blackjack... as much as unwrapping to get currency! So how about to acquire a number of her currency and pay her to get striptease with them at the moment? The gameplay is really standart for practically any blackjack game you have played . Place the wager, make your cards, get more or remain with what you already got - the most important purpose is to get as close to 21 points as you can. Every time you'll win you'll receive currency that you may use to unlock sexy videosclips using Janice. Each next video clip will be hotter than previous . And of course it will be cost you of ingame cash - hence in the event you would like to witness all of Janice's sensual glory you will have to acquire a lot of blackjack matches first-ever! Try to unlock all the vids and witness the utter display!

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