Xmas Pay Rise

Every time in Xmas year Santa's helpers have a lot work to perform. And every time during this year one of those elves called Sparky is trying to have a pay increase. How come hedid not get it? If you are indeed interested then just play this game to find the reaction. Actually there is no purpose in attempting to maintain an intrigue particularly if you already know that this game has been brought to you by"Meet and fuck". All of Sparky's attempts are usually finishes up at the moment when mrs Claus pull out her meaty round tits and offers him to perform instead of getting more cash. May be Sparky did not get his payment increase but his xmas spirit is definitely got stronger! And looks like this season he will get slightly more than only a chnace to perform with biggest tits he has ever seen...

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Sexuality Level Test

In this simple YesNo quiz you'll find something out about your own sexuality. Answer all questions to get the best outcomes.

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