Fucktown: Hitch-Hiking

One more hilarious and sexy venture from your favourite FuckTown awiats - this time it will be about opportunities which hitch-hiker can become. And yes, in this game you will be the hitch-hiker. You got into the destination for the trip and there is almost nothing left to roam - some thing about 14 miles. Well, looks like attempting to get a car which could pick up you is not a bad idea after all! There will be few cars that will drive along sans stopping on your request but you most likely should thank them - because the one that will ultimately stop is driven by chick! Have a dialogue together and try to be fine because this assembly may grow into one of the most exciting experiences that awaits you ! And for more information from FuckTown just visit our site!

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FT: Dream Maze

If you just happen to fall asleep in Fucktown then don't be astonished if your fantasies will be about some unusual maze. Because that today's game from the series is called and yes, the gameplay will be really based on you breaking away the maze. And this break away process made from first-ever person perspective and this is way stiffer then solving maze puzzles just watching on it entire . So this map you will see in the upper right corner might be truly useful if you are plannening to get through the labyrinth and not to lost somewhere after few minutes already. But finding an exit is just one part of this mystery - the other person will be about collecting all of the pictures that you will discover on your own way. Ofcourse they will all be manga porn pictures and you can recheck your collection at any moment.

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Fuck Town: Maids Seduction

Who hasn't you worked like in Fucktown yet? A gardener! And it's quite convinient that right in the beging of this hentai game that you happened to work as gardener in several homes for several years! Ofcourse there were several maids working at exactly the exact houses... so why don't you visit them in this hot summer day and make it hot for one more reason? Justchoose the hous eon the map you would like to see and you will find sexy appearing buxom maids in almost each of them! But look as though they will not let you to fuck them until you'll make someting useful for these first. So visit unique locations, find useful objects, earn some currency, visit nearby store and so forth - in other words before you'll find the flower you'll have to work with dirt first-ever. However, as a gardener you very likely already know that...

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