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The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

If you enjoy comedy, fuckfest and Vikings then you must definitely play this fuck-a-thon flash game. Inside you will find some black comedy, in addition to orgy. So let's commence playingwith. Consider the game screen. I also recommend that you read the directions. Then the game starts. You see some Vikings. But they're still youthfull. Kids. They have a tendency to play pranks and a little debauchery. For example, they decided to steal several barrels of wine in the Temple. Angry monk goes in pursuit of the burglars. They need someplace to hide. Among the thieves is hiding beneath the miniskirt of a nun. Definitely he begins munching her pink cunt... and that is just the start of the story. If you want to learn what - then begin playing at this time.

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Pussy or raw meat

Are you certain about your sexual orientation? You should check yourself maybe not or if you're a homo although you may say yes. Make this evaluation and you'll see how expert you are in girls pussies. Watch and answer.

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Virtua Playa MX

The hard part is to know when to be gloomy, although the point of the game will be gloomy with girls. To beat the game you need to get three or more girls all feeling happy about You, in other words succeed in doing this with them, in case You know exactly what I mean.

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