Loretta Nanny

That is Loretta Nanny. Breaking the laws few times has gotten her into huge trouble - a lot of years in jail kind of difficulty. But she got lucky with the estimate that time - he is about to make a deal with Loretta. All that she'll need to do would be to see his troubled son... and also look after all of his needs. He's 22 and what desires he can have? Well, Loretta is going to find out it pretty soon. All you will need to understand is this young guy does not mind to start his afternoon with all fucking curvy milf couple times... The gameplay itself is really an varioation of simon says - you'll have to press coloured buttons in particular purchase. The ideal arrangement will direct one to the next scene once the mistake will cause you to instant gameover (game over for you along with also challenging times for Loretta behind the bars - do not forget about it).

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