iruka umino

Ayame and Iruka fuck

Meet another intriguing hentai game from the universe of Naruto Shippuden, this time with the charming sexy brunette Ayame having the yummy body and beautiful boobs and one of the strongest shinobi of Konoha - Iruka Umino! An event in Konoha is still a mystery, an extraordinary Naruto Shippuden hentai event in which Iruka Umino widly fucks Ayame, Teuchi's daughter every night following her job. Now, you understand why Iruka is always at the Ramen pub! But Ayame is a sexy woman who loves sex and far more, like a whiplash on her ass. Obviously, Ayame can't be pregnant, so her father Teuchi would be mad, so iruka constantly cum her body to pay her with sperm. You're waiting for a hot sex scene with amazing poses with busy energetic musicthat definitely will not let you get bored! Slap this beauty using a whip to excite her even more! Quality animation and graphics and user-friendly interface will allow you to fully enjoy the sport!

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