lesson of passion

Nite with Kelly

Interactive 3D orgy narrative of a youthful and buxom lady whose name is Kelly and a sports dude called Mark. So they break in the pool of a hotel. Mark stares publicly at Kelly. Because she has large tits, a smile and a beautiful figure. Kelly recalls one important leaves and jelly. Mark gives Kelly a look. Mark sees that Kelly has forgotten her bag. He grabs his bag and runs to catch up with this woman. He found Kelly in the locker room. She was switching clothes. Mark appears after Kelia. He sees her lips sweet and beautiful breast together with pink nips. She is pretty fairly. Mark gives a purse to Kelly and a dialogue starts. You have to seduce Kelly to have intercourse with her. Do it and assist the brand inside this mission.

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Peyton and Avery

Peyton and Avery - two sexy girls who are a love triangle's two sides. The 3rd facet is clearly the participant's characters and because it generally happens in sensual games out of"Lesson of fire" series it will be around the participant's choices to determine how this triangle will solve. Follow the story and make your decisions that will affect both girls and they detect you. Probably it won't be a problem to fuck anyone of these but to tempt two of them during one walkthrough will be a task that only the true master of pickup can deal with. Are you such master? No need to guess when you can play this game and test your skills right here and now! Just don't forget that your actions will require not only choosing finding hotspots in the perfect moments although dialog lines.

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