Panchira Town Carnival

It's a supreme nght to visit Panchira city once more - since tonight is the carnival night! And rather than pretty usual activities you will have only 1 purpose yelling - to unclothe all of the gals onto the monitor! And there will be lots of them because all ofthem will probably be dancing on the big carnival system together - there will soon 23 of them in total. And the way you supposed to undress these? That is easy - just select the damsel you like and perform along withher in shifumi match (aka rock-paper-scissors). Every time you'll win that the chick will take off one of her clothing components. Strip the dame fully and you'll be rewarded with sexy fuck-a-thon scene. Done? There is 22 more damsels that want your attention tonight! Fun and easy gameplay and also a great deal of sexy chicks eager to strip down - that is Carnival nighttime in Panchira city!

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